Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd

This morning Saoirse had decided what she wanted to wear. We were due to go into town.

When I saw her dressed I was about to encourage her to wear something else…more acceptable to society.

Then I thought do I really care what others think? Will the whole insistence of trying to make my girl fit with society just turn into a battle that neither of us wants.

Pick your battles

I am so pleased i didn’t force Saoirse to change. As she skipped through town all the glances I got were ones of smiles and happiness. It was an unusual position for me to be in. People looking at us with smiles. Usually it’s looks of horror, judgement, and bewilderment at her behaviour.

Two ladies actually stopped and complimented Saoirse on how lovely her outfit was.

#beyourself #beawesome #autism #specialneedsmum #style #havingfun #standproud


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