Wdsd19: Ailbe meets his idols

Yesterday was an international celebration of Down Syndrome and all the amazing people involved.

We were lucky enough to be invited to a Mayors lunch organised by Portsmouth Down Syndrome Association and the amazing Singing Hands came along. They put on a fabulous show Party time 💙💛

Ailbe couldn’t quite believe his “girls” were no longer in his tablet

We had a brilliant day. We sang, danced, and met friends.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be in this community. However, it doesn’t stop you being part of it.

Later that evening the whole world came together on Facebook to have a live world watch party to celebrate #WDSD19 World party well done #wouldntchangeathing

Thank you to everyone who took part in raising awareness for Ailbe and his tribe.

#portsmouthdsa #wouldntchangeathing #thefabulousworldofmax #singinghands #wdsd19 #wdsd #inclusionrevolution #iamable #abilitiesnotdisabilities #ableailbe #dsa @sallyphillips #changingperceptions #labelsareforclothes #family #friends #mytribe


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