So here is this years video. It’s beautiful and I am so proud to know a few of the beautiful souls in it.


Why do they keep producing awareness videos? Because every day someone or some company keeps seeing our beautiful children as a “risk” and that needs to change!

@wouldntchangeathing #wcat #inclusionrevolution #beawesome #wdsd19 #leavenooneout #portsmouthdsa @portsmouthdsa #chancenotrisk #labelsareforclothes #downsyndrome #mytribe #wdsd #family @lifewithsaoirse @fabulousworldofmax @mybeautifuldiversion @iamriver well done in being part of another #amazing video.


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Life with Saoirse

Welcome to my life and family. I am married to Kyle and together we have 3 children. I want to share with you the good and difficult times our family goes through.

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