It’s a numbers game

What a 72 hours we have just gone through. 1 Out Patient Appointment, 1 admission, 2 hospitals, and 1 ambulance transfer!

If there is one thing I have learned from all the previous admissions is;

Being discharged is all about the numbers.

They came to the conclusion that Ailbe had viral pneumonia which was slowly getting under control with lots of nebulisers and inhalers. What was keeping us from being sent home was, every-time Ailbe fell asleep his oxygen levels would drop to around 84. This was established the first night when 30 minutes post nebuliser Ailbe finally fell asleep and within seconds his oxygen levels were dropping; 98-96-93-90-89(at this point the numbers change colours on the monitor and start beeping) 84 and there are now three nurses all around Ailbe checking his nasal prongs and probe are on properly, the nurse panics saying she can’t increase his oxygen flow as they are already at maximum. Ailbe numbers keep dropping. It’s around 10pm and it’s really dark, it would be funny if it wasn’t such a serious event. There are nurses everywhere with little torch lights shining all over the place. All the time the numbers flash and the machine beeps. Then the nurse realises that despite Ailbe being connected up to the oxygen the oxygen lead has come off the valve. Slowly the levels start rising and calm returns to the ward.

So at our local hospital everything is going well with the exception of Ailbe sleeping and his oxygen levels still dropping.

Today on the ward, Ailbe and I are exhausted. He sleeps for a long time and we trial taking him off oxygen. It’s a tense time as I watch him sleep and watch the numbers.

So Ailbe passes the number game, the doctors have said he can go home.

It coincides with daddy coming to visit with Conor & Saoirse. We finally have some good news. Conor comes up to me and says “mummy I thought you wouldn’t be home for Christmas” then gives me the biggest cuddle.


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2 thoughts on “It’s a numbers game”

  1. Wow what a few days. You are so right about the numbers game. Jasmine has issues numbers. Glad you are back home glad you can have Christmas together. Love to you all. Xx

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