A trip to the zoo and other fun things

The last couple of months has not been easy on us as a family.

So weekends like this are especially nice. Being able to meet up with friends and everyone enjoys themselves is great, parents that understand, where you don’t feel judged about your childs behaviour is important. On top of that if your children also have fun it’s a win win!

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Life with Saoirse

Welcome to my life and family. I am married to Kyle and together we have 3 children. I want to share with you the good and difficult times our family goes through.

3 thoughts on “A trip to the zoo and other fun things”

  1. Our outing for Tasha’s birthday was a success because we went together. It made her whole weekend. Today been just as super her private English Tutor made an effort to have a pink themed English lesson. Life with people who understand having a child who struggles with day to day life.

    This my little story thank you Siobhan for approaching me that day on the playground has meant my life has become more fuller and i will always thank you for having the courage to say hello to me. Yesterday at the Farm was the best gift of friendship you made the day special for us and for my beautiful girls and especially Tasha. We love you all loads and thank you so much. I felt so at ease at the Farm not even stressed once very rare experience for me.

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