Saoirse & her art


img_2140After posting about Saoirse and her artwork this week, I wasn’t prepared for how popular it would be. Not because I don’t believe her talent is any good. I do, I think her natural talent is amazing. I love her choice of colours and use of abstract, and intuition. So here is another piece of her work.

Back in the summer, Saoirse found one of the large art boards in the art & crafts area of the house.

Yes I love art & crafts…especially when I can allow the kids to be creative. So I always have a selection of crafts, paints, and all things arty available.

So Saoirse was left to her own devices and I was so blown away by her art work I had to take a photo of it.  She drew a picture of me “her mummy” and I love it.


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