Special moments

img_2139Days out can be tough on us as a family. With Saoirse everything can change in a moment. Everything depends on her mood, the environment, and our ability as a family to keep everyone happy & safe.

Last summer a day out ended up with a call to 999. Why?  Saoirse had gone missing (it turns out on that occasion someone had tried to walk off with her) but that’s a story for another day. It wasn’t the only time where Saoirse has run off and gone missing. One sunny day a zoo was on lock down for 15 minutes trying to locate her. They found her in the reptile house completely unaware of the chaos and trauma she had caused me and the staff. You might be thinking how can a parent loose their child?

When that child is determined and has no real understanding of the dangers + doesn’t listen + small and fast = lost child 

So when we go out anywhere we plan it like a military exercise. We make sure we know our environment.

Is it safe, how many exits, any steep cliffs or water nearby, how noisy or child friendly will it be,  if we need a fast exit are we close enough to our car. Lastly, make mental note of what she is wearing or take photo of Saoirse on the day to show anyone looking for her if she does get lost. 

We had a tour booked since last month at the national headquarters for #rnli. It’s really worth a visit even if it’s just for the restaurant and views across the harbour. I had been the previous month and felt that it would be a good day out for our family.

Our days out can be dominated by the many moods of Saoirse. This doesn’t always go down well with her older brother Conor.


Our day hadn’t got off to a good start. By 9am I was on the phone to the ambulance with a choking Ailbe. Thankfully he coughed up what ever the little monkey had managed to eat. With that drama over we were ready to go out.

Going out with all three children can be hard work at times. Not because we have naughty children (even if that’s what others might perceive from how they behave) but due to all of them having different needs. Like any family trying to keep 3 different aged children happy….it’s not easy! The kids really enjoyed the lifeboats. We all got to take a ride in their lifeboat simulator and they even let Conor & Saoirse steer the boat.



The tour guide did an amazing job, she did look a little nervous that Conor was walking around with a clipboard and pencil !It turns out that was her first official tour.

After our little trip out we got to spend more time with Nanna Sandra. The kids love her. They get to do all sorts of fun things. Most of the time we don’t get any respite with the kids as we don’t have a support network close by.  So when we get to spend time with our friend it’s lovely on many levels. We realise that all three of our children together in the same room can be hard work. Due to all their different needs and risks we won’t/can’t leave them with anyone else.

It’s the little things that make the difference, creates those special moments.  Having someone out with us who loves and can manage our children. Just being able to distract one of them or chase after them so the other children can still enjoy an activity. It all means a lot. Probably more than Sandra realised. We all appreciate Sandra and the support she has given us time and time again. Even though she has her own life and family she has never made us feel like a burden.  


The kids were all happy. Saoirse was in such a good mood when we got home she actually wanted to play hairdressers with me. Today was a win!


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